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Isao Miyoshi(guitar) #1.jpgIsao Miyoshi was born in 1960. He started out on the guitar while in high school, and developed an interest in jazz after entering college. In 1983, he made his debut with his own band, and performed with predominant musicians. In 1992, he formed his own guitar trio to aim for further free style of guitar trio. They have performed in lots of live performances, and his 1st album “SANKICHIZM” released in 1995 was won the highest praise as an outstanding work that breaks the jazz guitar trio’s concept. Afterwards, he released various albums. A host of the outstanding are; In 1996, titled “Pineapple Island” recorded with his sworn friend, Satoru Shionoya (pf) and etc; “Your Smile” in 1998, recorded with Toots Thielemans, a No.1 harmonica player of the world; “SURPRISE” in 2003; in 2006, an acoustic duo album titled “First Touch”. Miyoshi has performed not only in Japan but has toured abroad extensively as well; In 2000, participated in the “JAZZ GUITAR SUMMIT Concert” was held at Kennedy Center in Wasington D.C., US; in 2001, performed in Germany and France with his unit. His career has been enlarging into pop field since 1999, particularly in the concert tours of such as Eikichi Yazawa (vo), he obtains a great reliance as a leading figure in music, has displayed his ability in diverse genre. Miyoshi Isao is respected highly and draws lots of attentions as one of leading jazz guitarist of Japanese jazz scene.
In Unit Asia, Miyoshi displays his prominent skills and rich music capacity, leads this unit with his warm and broad-minded personality as leader.

Hiroyuki Noritake(drums) #1.jpg Hiroyuki Noritake was born in Osaka, 1964. He has started playing drums since his early childhood, and his boyhood was spent to master all sorts of drumming style. In 1985 while in the Kobe University, he participated in “THE SQUARE”, a well-known Japanese fusion group and launched his professional career. He has gained lots of experiences including the US tours and recording abroad as well as has participated in several live performances and recording sessions of various artists. They won the Japan Gold Disc Award (Jazz division) for ten times. Their activity was appreciated extensively in Japan and abroad. In 1999, he released his solo album “DREAMS CAN GO” and displayed his ability as a composer. In 2000, he left from “THE SQUARE”. Since then, he has performed with versatile J-Pop artists such as Misia (vo), his performance activity has been expanding in a variety of genre. In 2002, he performed with the orchetre Lamoureux as a guest conducted by Yutaka Sado in Paris, his rendering was appreciated highly. Afterwards, he has performed with several orchestras such as the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra and Siena Wind Orchestra, his supple and diversified drumming in versatile genre is placed great confidence from many quarters. In 2004, he formed a twin drum unit “Synchronized DNA” with Akira Jimbo (drs). This unique unit draws lots of attention in the future development.
In this Unit Asia, Noritake displays his supple and reliable performance ability, his groovy drumming breathes life into this unit.

Mr. Saxman (sax) #2.jpgKoh was born in1973. His first instrument was the “Khlui” (Thai Flute), taught by his father. He had gone on to experimenting with many instruments during his childhood until he was deeply fascinated by the saxophone while studying in high school. With his natural talents, combining with guidance from his music instructors, he became a professional musician since he was only 15 years old. While studying at Chulalongkorn University, he was invited to join contemporary Thai band, “Boy Thai” as a founding member. The success of “Boy Thai” led him to join many other leading bands, and gradually made him one of the most -sought after studio musicians, and also was invited to back up many big name artists. In 2002 Koh released his first solo album “Mr. Saxman”. The title of this album is derived from his versatility in a number of musical styles from jazz, pop, fusion, latin, reggae, contemporary Thai and even country Thai music. One of the tracks “Pavana”(My Prayer) had topped several music charts and retained its popularity until today. The success of “Mr.Saxman” established him as Thailand’s newest sensation on the saxophone, which earned him several invitations of perform overseas.
He had performed before enthusiastic audiences in Japan, Italy, Malaysia, Australia and etc.. Koh also devoted his time to educate a new generation of saxophonists in such as Mahidol University, Kasatesart University and others. His “Sax Society” is a music school and also a meeting point for jazz devotees to exchange everything about sax and jazz. He is a super-artist represented in Thai music scene.
With his reliable and powerful performance ability and emotional rendering, Koh leads strong front-line of this unit with Isao Miyoshi

HG1K0108.JPGTay Cher Siang was born in 1978. He started his piano lessons just like most people, learning classical music. He took up an interest in Jazz during his teenage years and began to pursue his musical journey as a jazz pianist. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from West Virginia University and continued to get his Masters Degree in Jazz Pedagogy. His achievements include winning the WVU Young Artist Competition in 2004, recipient of the HERF Top-Off Award and the Valerie Canady Award. He was the Graduate Assistant for the Jazz Department in WVU where he got the chance to direct the college’s Jazz Big Band and various Small Group Ensembles. Throughout the years, Tay performed regularly as a soloist, as well as with ensembles such as the WVU Big Band and the WVU Wind Symphony Orchestra. Tay was awarded Young Artist Competition Winner. He also gave concerts as classical and jazz pianist, with various groups. Other than performing, Tay composes, and arranges for big band and small groups. Tay is currently teaching at UCSI and The Talent Makers in Kuala Lumpur. Since his return to Malaysia, he has been active in the Kuala Lumpur jazz scene. He has performed with Greg Lyons group, The Boplicity, etc. and also backing up vocalists such as Khadijah Ibrahim. Tay is promising young jazz pianist who draws lots of attention from Malaysian jazz scene.
Tay displays his ability as composer as well as pianist, his sensitive and dynamic play make this unit’s music filled with rich color.

Shigeki Ippon(bass) #1.jpg Shigeki Ippon was born in Yamanashi, 1971. He learned contrabass under Yoshio Nagashima in the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2000, he launched his performance career as a professional musician at the same time of graduating from that college. Since then, he has performed in many live performances, concerts of various artists such as Kiyohiko Semba (perc), Isao Miyoshi (gt), GONTITI, Hajime Mizoguchi (vc), Taro Hakase (vn), Ayaka Hirahara (vo) and has participated in numerous recording sessions for J-Pop artists, CM, TV, and soundtracks as well as has performed in several stages as a musician, he has been extending his range of activity in various genres. Both contrabass and electric bass with supple musical capacity from western classical music through jazz and pop and prominent rendering ability, Shigeki Ippon is a remarkable artist for the coming generation.
As pivot of rhythm in this unit, Ippon creates reliable and groovy rhythm combination with Hiroyuki Noritake.


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